Blood Glucose Meter: A Guide to Select the Best Device

Blood Glucose Meter A Guide to Select the Best Device

Diabetes is an incurable disease, which can lead to serious complications.  According to the CDC, more than 34 million people in the United States have Diabetes. It is necessary for people suffering from this condition to check their blood sugar levels regularly. How to check your blood glucose levels at home? Simple! Just get a Blood Glucose Meter, and check your blood sugar levels at home.Well! A home blood glucose monitoring is the first step of diabetes management. You can manage this medical condition only when you know your blood sugar levels. However, a glucose meter can only give you the readings of the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. But even that is enough. Being sure about the levels of blood sugar in the normal range brings peace of mind.Can I get a glucose meter at all diabetic supply store near me? Yes! This medical device is available in all diabetic supply stores. You can also get it from All Diabetic Supply at a reasonable price.In this article, we would like to help you understand the features of a blood glucose meter that you should keep in mind before buying it. Which is the best blood sugar monitor? Let’s see!

Factors to consider before buying a Blood Glucose Meter

Following are the factors that you should keep in mind before placing an order for the best blood glucose meter.

Accuracy of Blood Glucose Meter

The readings that you get from the glucose meter will determine your treatment decisions. Therefore, you must get a device that gives you accurate measurements.Which blood glucose meter is the most accurate? Well! An FDA-approved model is a reliable source to obtain blood sugar readings. Different models use different technology to detect blood sugar levels. As a result, you might observe fluctuation in the readings obtained from different models. Therefore, you must stick to one device to check the results with accuracy every time.The EasyTouch HealthPro Blood Glucose test strips with Glucose Meter Kit come with an innovative bio-sensor technology that maintains accuracy, and therefore, can prove to be the best blood sugar testing machine for you. Also, healthpro glucose meter reviews suggest that this model is simply a great choice.

Blood Sample Size

This is one of the most important factors that you would like to keep in mind before getting a glucose meter. A meter that requires a small blood drop or 0.5 microlitres will be a great option. Also, this would be less painful, and you will have the confidence to check your sugar levels regularly.For collecting blood samples you can use EasyTouch Twist Lancets with high-quality triple-beveled needles for a painless experience.Products like TRUE METRIX PRO Professional Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter by McKesson or The EasyTouch HealthPro Meter Kit require a sample size of 0.5 microliters. These popular brands come with professional monitoring features that take tiny samples to provide accurate results.

Ease of Use

A complicated device that is too difficult to operate will be a waste of money. Therefore, choose a glucose meter that doesn’t require coding and comes with the latest in-built technology. OneTouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Meter is one such example of a simple and easy-to-use machine.

Meter and Display of Blood Glucose Meter

Well! Another important aspect to check in a glucose meter is Meter  Display. Yes! A large backlit screen to display the readings is all that you need. Also, a backlit screen will help you read the results even in the dark.

No Coding

Some glucose meters are complicated, as they need to be calibrated every time before you use them to test the sugar levels. For this, you might have to enter a code, and this entire process might take a lot of time. Therefore, select a model that clearly states ‘No-Coding’.

Blood Glucose Meter with Memory

Nowadays, blood glucose meters come with in-built memory. Well! Now, you do not need a diary to maintain the records of your results. Just consider the memory size of the model, as different models have different memory sizes. The Easy Touch blood glucose meter can store up to 300 results with date and time, whereas, Blood Glucose Meter by McKesson can store up to 500 readings.


A Glucose meter with Bluetooth or wireless connectivity? Yes! This will help you to store, share, and analyze your readings on mobile phones. Now, you can easily share your readings with your doctor via mobile apps.


Well! Time is an important factor if you want fast readings. An ideal glucose meter will take a few seconds to show your readings on its display. Therefore, read the specificities of the meter before purchasing it.

Alternate Site Sampling

People who have to check blood sugar levels more frequently might want a device that would allow collecting blood samples from other parts of the body. This will give enough time to the fingertips to heal.


A Blood Glucose Meter is a crucial part of a Diabetes Management plan. It will help you to maintain a record of your sugar levels that will affect your treatment plan. Evaluate the above-mentioned factors before placing an order for a glucose meter.

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