Diabetic Socks: Benefits and Popular Brands

Diabetic Socks: Benefits and Popular Brands

What are diabetic socks? Well! These are specially designed socks. Firstly, these socks help to keep the feet dry, secondly, they reduce the chances of a foot injury, and thirdly, these socks improve blood circulation in the leg region.These socks are crucial for Diabetes management. Yes! But let us know how these socks help a diabetic patient.

Why do diabetics need special socks, and what are the benefits?

Well! High blood sugar lowers the blood circulation in the leg region. Yes! Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar makes the blood thick. It is, therefore, but obvious that high viscosity will affect the circulation of the blood.Imagine what will happen if we keep adding sugar to a certain amount of glass water. It will become thick. Well! This will exactly happen to the blood. So, a high amount of sugar may result in low blood circulation. Especially in the leg region because blood has to cover a long distance. Therefore, low blood circulation can damage the nerves, losing the sensation in the feet. This is diabetic neuropathy.

Did you know when a diabetic condition becomes severe, sometimes the patient might remain completely unaware of any injury in the feet? This is due to neuropathy. Well! No sensation, no pain, no treatment. As a result, sometimes due to delay in treatment, amputation remains the last option.Diabetic compression socks can help in severe foot conditions. However, Diabetic socks can not prevent neuropathy, but they can help to manage it.

Also, these special socks help in preventing the occurrence of sores and ulcers. Is it available at the all diabetic supply store near me? Yes! You can easily get the best diabetic socks that will offer mild compression to the legs and will help you to manage neuropathy.

What are the features of Diabetic Socks?

Let us read about some of the features of the socks.

Diabetic Socks are made of special fabric

The diabetic socks are made of moisture-wicking material. Such material soaks the moisture and sweat, which is then evaporated. Consequently, due to less moisture, the risk of getting fungal infections is less. In addition, the strong fabric will protect the leg from minor nicks and cuts. Also, keep in mind that acrylic fiber will be better than cotton.

Soft Yarns

A seamless soft yarn of diabetic socks with a fine combination of bamboo and wool fabric will be great for sensitive feet. Some brands such as Jobst SensiFoot Diabetic Mild Compression Socks that are made of acrylic fiber and dr scholl’s socks with grippers have anti-microbial properties. Also, such brands protect the skin from abrasion.

Mild compression

So! This is important. As we now know the reason for low blood circulation in the leg of diabetes patients, it is crucial to wear these special socks. Mild compression of 8-15 mmHg should be enough to maintain proper blood circulation in the feet.

Lengths and Sizes

Well! Diabetic Socks come in all lengths and sizes for men and women. However, if you have a circulation issue, go for full-length socks.

Best Diabetic Socks Brands

Are you in search of the best brands, and you don’t know where to get them? Do you also think if these special socks are available at all diabetic supply store near me? Well, Yes, you are correct. You can easily find some great brands such as Jobst SensiFoot Diabetic Mild Compression Socks, Truform Socks in all diabetic supply store near you.


A pair of these special socks can last for six months. If you have diabetes, you should wear these socks every day. However, you need to wash them regularly. You can wash them in the washing machine using mild detergent.

Avoid Feet Infection

Do you have diabetes? You have to be extra careful about your feet. Also, you should inspect your feet daily. Make sure you don’t have any nicks, cuts, and wounds. While cutting nails, you have to be extra careful. Also, it is recommended to keep your feet clean and dry. In case of any infection, consult your doctor without any delay.


Diabetic Socks are great for protecting the feet and the legs of patients who have diabetes. These socks are made of special fabrics that help to keep the feet dry. Also, these socks are beneficial for guarding the feet and the legs from minor cuts.

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