Insulin Syringes: A Guide to Understand Sizes and Brands

Insulin Syringes A Guide to Understand Sizes and Brands

Did you know 7.4 million people in the USA take insulin shots to manage their blood sugar levels? Well! In Type 1, the body can produce insulin, and in type 2, the body can’t use insulin. In such a state, sometimes a person has to depend on an outside source of insulin for blood sugar regulation.

Insulin syringes can help and become a faithful device that can save a diabetic patient’s life. Can I get an insulin syringe in a Diabetic supply store near me? Yes! You can get a syringe, pen needle, pump, all different ways of delivering insulin to your body. However, you should consult your doctor, who will help you to decide what suits you.

A Brief Explanation About Insulin Syringes

In addition, the dose of insulin, cost, and comfort level will help you identify the device.Also, you must check your sugar level using a glucose meter and test strips regularly. A glucose meter is the best part of diabetes management that will help you focus on wellness and help prevent high sugar levels. In this read, we will discuss the Insulin syringes and like to present an overview of the selection of an insulin syringe.

Did you know insulin syringes are disposable? You can use it only once. Well! Disposable Syringes ensure that the needle is sterile, so, there will be no risk of infection. So! Keep in mind that you should buy syringes in bulk to keep a stock.

Also, make sure you do not use the injection on the same site daily. This will lead to abnormal fat deposits under the skin.Another important factor to keep in mind is that an insulin syringe is a subcutaneous injection that means just under the skin.

So, the needle doesn’t go into the muscle. Well! This fact will help you to understand the needle type of such a syringe. The size of the syringe will depend on your dose of medication. However, the dose may vary depending on the level of sugar in the blood. Therefore, multiple sizes are available in the market, and you may need them to adjust your dose.

Insulin Syringes Size Chart

Well! As discussed above, the dose will determine what size of the syringe will be suitable for you. Also, you will find lines and measurements on the barrel of the insulin syringe that will help you to identify the correct size. Furthermore, these measurements are in milliliters (mL). So, keep in mind what ml will hold what unit of insulin doses.You will get three different sizes of insulin syringes in the market. 0.3 ml insulin syringe is suitable for 30 units of insulin, 0.5 ml syringes are suitable for 30-50 units of insulin.

For more than 50 units, 1.0 ml will be good.So, the size of the barrel is important as it will determine the medicine holding capacity of the syringe. Also, keep in mind that the needle gauge will tell you the thickness of the needle. Mostly, thin needles are more comfortable and can be used for less pain.As already discussed above, insulin syringes are subcutaneous and don’t need to get into the muscles. Therefore, shorter needles will be safer to use.

Let’s see Insulin Syringe Sizes Chart

Barrel size Needle length Needle gauge
0.3 mL 3/16 inch (5 mm) 28
0.5 mL 5/16 inch (8 mm) 29, 30
1.0 mL 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) 31

So! Depending on your dose and comfort level, choose the correct syringe and needle sizes. Also, sometimes multiple syringes are required to administer different doses. Therefore, consult your doctor and understand what amount will you require.

Know What Brands are Available in the Market

Becton Dickinson (BD) is a popular brand that offers fine Insulin Syringes of different sizes. Also, this brand is known for fine sharp needles made with a double-bevel design for a comfortable injecting experience. In addition, the clean barrel has clear markings of measurements that will ensure proper dose intake.Furthermore, if you are looking for more comfortable brands, the Easy Touch Insulin syringe gives a smooth injecting experience. The triple-bevel design, clean barrel, and thin wall for easy flow make this product a favorite choice. Also, this product is 100% latex-free. Also, you can select Ulticare Syringe for an almost painless injection of insulin.

For great comfort, the needle of this product has silicon lubrication that makes the needle just penetrate the skin smoothly. Furthermore, the barrel of the syringe has clear markings for accurate dosing. Great! So! Where can I get diabetic supplies near me? You can get all the healthcare products in the All Diabetic Supply store that offers a wide range of high-quality and branded medical products. Also, you can get diabetic supplies from any medical store but make sure you get good quality products.


Insulin syringes are an important device for diabetic people who need to take insulin doses daily. Therefore, it is necessary to check the size of the barrel and needle of this important item. Also, brands play a vital role as high-quality products will give you a comfortable experience. Consult your doctor to understand your requirements for diabetes management.

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